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A logo design can be a powerful element. It is the first thing people observe in a brand. So it can grab the audience’s attention instantly. Also, a logo design helps a business with brand awareness. Hence it plays a vital role in a brand’s marketing.

A logo is a symbol or a design that identifies a brand or company. It also helps a business to communicate its brand message to its customers. So a logo design has immense importance. However, it is also essential for brands to know where to use their logo designs. A brand must know the places where the logos can create an impact. And there are various places where businesses can use logo designs.

So if you are willing to know the effective places for your logo, you have come to the right place. Keep reading this article to discover the locations for your logo designs Australia for a massive audience.

11 Best Places to Use Your Business Logo

You can use various places to display your business logo. And generally, brands select the instances where they can engage more audiences.

Here are the best places for your logo design.

Your Products

Brands invest in logo designs for unique identification. And what could be the best place to do that? The answer to this question is simple. The products are one of the best places to display a logo. And it fulfils the purpose of logo designs. For instance, think about Nike, Adidas, and Apple. These are global brands, yet they use their logos on their product. Have you seen their product without their logo? Well, the possibilities are low. So your products are the ideal place to display your logo. And it is the place where your logo fulfils its purpose. So make sure you design a simple and recognisable logo for your products.

Brand Website

A website is an essential marketing tool for brands. And today, almost every brand has a website to engage a massive audience. So it can be an opportunity to display your logo in front of a huge crowd. And it will be a constant reminder of your brand for your customers. As a result, your audience will remember the brand for a long time. Hence, your website can be an effective place for your logo design.

You can place the logo on the website background. Also, you can display it in the top corner of your site. So make sure your logo is flexible so you can use it on the website. And it must look attractive and unique to get visitors’ attention.

Social Media Platform

Social media is one of the effective online marketing strategies. And almost every brand uses social media platforms to promote their products and services. More than four billion people have access to various social media platforms. So it means your brand can reach millions of potential customers. Hence social media can be a great place to display your logo. And it will be a golden opportunity for your brand awareness.

You can use your logo as a profile picture for all social media platforms. In addition, you can use it on your social media content. So use your logo on social media platforms to engage a massive audience.

Your Business Card

A business card is another brilliant place for your logo. It can be an effective and indirect marketing tool for your brand.

You can hand your business card to your customers. And they can recommend your brand to their close people. In addition, you can leave them in other shops to approach potential customers. So your business card can be a good marketing tool. Hence, you must place your logo on your business cards. Make sure it looks clear and attractive. Also, you must include other relevant information on your business card.

Business Stationery

Your business stationery can also be a physical marketing tool. And you can use your business stationeries as a constant reminder of your brand. So place your logo in your business stationeries.

You can gift stationeries, such as pens, diaries, and many more, to your loyal customers. So you must place your logo in such stationeries. Similarly, you can put your logo design in reports and brochures you send to your customers. They can indirectly market your brand. So you must include your logo in your business stationeries. However, make the logo design attractive, simple, and unique to grab the audience’s attention.

Franchise Banners and Signs

Effective franchise banners and signs can also attract a massive audience. They can help customers to recognise a brand from a distance. KFC and Mcdonald’s are fine examples of this marketing. People recognise these brands by looking at their franchise banners and signs. And they also use their logo design in the banners and signs. So business banners and other external displays can help you attract more customers. Hence, you must place your logo on brand banners and signs.

Product Packaging

Your product packaging can also be an effective place to display your logo. You will be sending your products to thousands of customers. So it is an opportunity to promote your brand. And you can also target some new potential customers. So you must place your logo on your product packaging also. And make sure you label it in a visible place.

Letters and Emails

A company sends letters and emails to thousands of its customers. The goal is to give constant reminders to customers. Hence it could be a prime opportunity to display your logo. So use custom stationery with a logo letterhead. Also, use your logo in the email signature to constantly remind the customer about your brand.

Invoices and Forms

Like letters and emails, a company also sends invoices and forms. So these items also enable you to use your logo. And it will look professional if your brand invoices have your logo. So place your logo in forms and invoices.

Company Vehicles

Vehicles are a brilliant place for brand logo designs. They move from town to town. And people observe that symbol more than other elements. That is why brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, and others use their logos on their vehicles. So if your brand uses any vehicle, place your logo on it. However, make sure to use appealing colours to make it attractive.

Brand Apparel

Uniform apparel also helps the audience to recognise a brand. Also, uniform communicates the professionalism of a brand. So you can use your brand apparel to showcase your logo. You can design custom T-shirts and hats to make your staff recognisable in the crowd. Make sure your logo looks good on your brand apparel.


A logo design is a powerful element of a brand. It is the first thing the audience observes about a brand. So it must be unique, simple, attractive, and memorable. However, brands must also know where to use their logos for better impact. A logo design will fulfil its purpose if brands use it in the right places.

There are various places a logo can create an impact. Some best locations include a website, social media profiles, business cards, and stationeries. You can also place it on company letters, emails, in novices, and in product packaging. So make sure you design a logo that can look good in every essential place.

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